Thursday 7 May 2015

Super Day!

    Brilliant sunny day and HOT!!! Played tennis for an hour this morning but had to quite by 10:30 as the temperature was rising. It hit 27C this afternoon.

    Bridge after lunch - just a small crowd, they were all probably at home working in their gardens. I had pretty bad cards and only played one hand which I did, in fact, win with two overtricks. We didn't keep score but I'm pretty sure the other pair came out ahead.

   When I got home I planted the two tomato plants that I bought yesterday. There's still room for a couple more which I will pick up next week. Got my hair cut later this afternoon. Eating leftovers again tonight but will cook up a broccoli casserole to go with it. I have been craving greens this week and am much in need of a nice big salad.

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