Friday, 8 May 2015

Just Like Summer

   Another hot, sunny day - we may be lulled into a false sense of summer arriving early, but there can still be frosty nights this early in May. I hope not as I wouldn't like to lose the herbs and vegetables I have already planted.

   We had a 2 hour power outage last night just as I was preparing dinner. It seemed to be quite localized as the lights were on in the park and the traffic lights were still working at the corner. Until this happens you don't realize how dependant you are on electricity. I was able to sit outside reading for an hour but when it became too dark to read I was at a loose end, and I was getting hungry.  At last the power returned and I was able to cook supper and watch TV.

   Tennis at Don Mills this morning and I had a horrendous drive to get there! I left as usual around 8:30 and didn't arrive until 9:20. The mornings are usually slow but that's just ridiculous. Road repairs and lane closures were the main culprit today but there did seem to be an inordinate amount of traffic on the road. It makes me wish I could just pull up stakes and move closer to the courts but then I would be further away from my other locations. Coming home around noon, in comparison, is a breeze - usually just under 15 minutes.

   It was very hot ( high 20's) on the courts and we had one player who suffered a nasty spell while playing. Fortunately she recovered after moving into the shade and a judicious application of ice to her head, so there was no need to summon medical help as we have had to do in the past. Most of us are well used to the heat but it is still rather early in the year for these conditions to arrive. Also, many of the players are getting on in years - quite a few in their 80's and one 93 year old!

   After lunch and a nap I was back out in the sun, tidying up the back yard and planting some nasturtium seeds. Then I practiced the dances for the West End Ball tomorrow night. Most of the dances are quite easy or familiar so I shouldn't have any trouble with them.

   Still eating leftovers but with the addition of some fresh vegetables. I have planted kale but I am considering putting in some lettuce plants as and addition to my diet. I really should eat more salad as I do like it but am too lazy to chop vegetables.

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