Monday 18 May 2015

Victoria Day

   Tennis this morning - it was the Don Mills Victoria Day social and the traffic was very light. I got there quite early and played three short sets before lunch. It was delicious as usual (for just $2), BBQ chicken, two kinds of salad, green and Greek, rice and a bean, corn and chickpea salad. Also pita and humus. Desserts were scrumptious, especially a chocolate brownie of which I had three pieces. There was lots left over so I hope we have it at Kaffeklatsch tomorrow.

   Did a bit of gardening this afternoon but it was so hot and humid I came in after half-an-hour to cool off. It was a two-shower day today! I am trying to tidy up the back yard before the guys come on Friday to open the pool. Not before time! I could have done with a swim today.

   Leftover stew for dinner but right now I am not in the least bit hungry. I will wait until later to eat.
Bleeding Hearts - always the first perennial to appear. I must put in another one.
All that's left of the climbing rose but I did spot one bud. Maybe it will come back to all its former glory!
Early days for the Dragon Redwing begonias. They should fill the baskets with blooms soon.

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