Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Productive Day

    I can't believe how much I achieved today!

   First stop this morning was the "Stretch and Strength" class at the Senior's Centre. There's a rumour going around that all the classes next year will be drop-in which could be monumentally challenging, given the number of people who already attend plus the waiting lists. We shall have to see how that works out. 

   Second stop was the garden centre where I bought 6 King Coleus plants to go along the pathway to the front door (where my hedge was before being killed off in the winter storm last year).  I removed the last of the hedge and dug up the soil but I won't put the plants in until the weekend as we have some frost warnings for later this week. They should be OK in the garage.

    Made a pot of soup for lunch, celery and carrot. The, after a short nap, cooked up a batch of rhubarb and ginger jam. Yesterday at the RWTO lunch there was rhubarb for sale and I bought two bunches. I picked up sugar, ginger pieces and Certo on the way home from the lunch and mixed the rhubarb and sugar to sit overnight. I got 5 jars for the price of the rhubarb ($4) and sugar and ginger (about $3) so quite economical.

   I put some beets on to cook while I cut the front and side grass, then skinned and sliced them to pack into jars and pickle. Easy-peasy! I also finished two books that have to go back to the library soon. Now I need a quiet restful evening of TV. Dinner is leftovers with some fresh vegetables added, probably brussell sprouts. The fridge is getting remarkably empty.

   Bonus yesterday. I had some coupons for items at Metro and when I got to the checkout, the cashier asked if I wanted to cash in my Air Miles! My bill was $7 instead of $23.50. I love coupons and Air Miles!
Rhubarb and Ginger Jam, ready to add to my storage shelf!

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