Sunday 17 May 2015

Sunny and Warm

   An hour and a half of tennis this morning with Kathy, Susan and Iona. I was on the losing side for the first set and the winning side for the second. Iona was the big winner as she was on the winning side both times. Of course, she's younger than the rest of us. But I was pleased to be able to play two sets. Then home to watch the final of the Rome tournament - the Joker won, Roger not playing at the top of his game.

   Cut the back grass this afternoon and tidied the garden a bit. It's looking good and I have the hanging baskets out as the weather is set for warm for the next few days. The vegetables are well established so should start to take off soon. It's almost time to pick some rhubarb but I'll give it a few more days of sun and heat.

    Another "Outlander" episode tonight! Can't wait.

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