Wednesday 27 May 2015

Hot! Hot! Hot!

   Two hot and humid days but it is supposed to be fresher later in the week. Yesterday the temperature was 28C but with the humidity it felt like the mid 30's. The water in the pool is warming up and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets into the 70's F tomorrow.

    I played tennis on Tuesday but it was really too hot and I didn't last long. I came home for a second shower, change of clothes and lunch then headed over to the Senior's Centre for the last bridge lesson of this session. I don't think I will sign up over the summer - too much to do outdoors -  but will get back to it in the Fall.

  In the evening I went to a movie as I had a free pass. It was "Far From the Madding Crowd" - excellent, such a heart warmer! The scenery and music were especially impressive and I would definitely recommend it.

   Started today with the Stretch and Strength class. Only two more and this also I think I will take a break from over the summer, although I will miss sitting over coffee with the other ladies afterwards! Then I stopped at the garden centre on the way home for some more King Coleus plants. They went in the garden this afternoon. I watched the French Open for a while but no big upsets now that the two Canadian players have been eliminated.

   Book Club this afternoon and we discussed "The Girl Who Was Saturday Night" - almost exclusively panned by all. It was a very tough book to read and I would have been happy to give it a miss if not for having to come up with an opinion today.

    Monday was a busy day - took the car in for an oil change in the morning, then ran a couple of errands. I hit the bank, library and grocery store on the way home so plenty accomplished without too much running around. The car only cost me $55 as nothing was amiss. Usually they can find something that needs repair but not this time!

   Having a light dinner tonight as I have had a rather upset stomach all week (probably the pills I have to take). I have made a potato salad with egg and will make a smoked mackerel salad with lettuce from the garden. I won't use a cream dressing for either - just olive oil, vinegar and mustard. So healthy!

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