Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Much Improved Weather

    No need to water the garden or fill up the pool as we had a ton of rain over the weekend. But finally, the skies cleared and it has been beautifully sunny for the last three days. The temperature is gradually rising and should be more seasonable by the weekend. 

   Judy, Natalie and James came over yesterday evening so that we could all go to "Dancing in the Park". We practiced a couple of easy dances and Natalie tried an easy strathspey as well. It was a lovely evening and the band was in good form. James joined in enthusiastically and vowed to come back next week. We shall see!

   I have got a good start on tidying up the garden as the borders are quite a bit more malleable after all the rain. I have pulled up a ton of weeds so my composter is well and truly filled. I even transplanted a small fir tree which had sprung up in an awkward spot. So it is now in a new location and, hopefully, will survive.

   I have a new contact for my Tribal Pages website - Rachel from New Zealand. I have added her to the site and am waiting to see if she adds more of her family and, even better, some photos. Our great-great-grandfathers were brothers. Rather a distant connection but one nevertheless. It is wonderful when, out of the blue, you get a contact like that.

   Not much on the agenda today - exercise class in the morning, chatting over coffee afterwards and then watching the French Open for a couple of hours. Made some soup and then back out in the garden until the heat got to me. Leftover kedgeree for dinner tonight with some of my homemade pickled beetroot. I don't think I will need any dessert.


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