Saturday, 20 June 2015

Recap of My Week

   I have been very remiss in not getting on here since Monday, so here's what's been going on.

   Tuesday: tennis in the morning - it was the Wimbledon brunch and there was a ton of food. I took sausage rolls and came home with some leftover sandwiches. A short nap then it was out again to the RWTO Strawberry Social in Markham. Luckily not too much food as I was still stuffed but everything had a strawberry theme. First we had a demonstration of crafts using strawberries - the cutest were mice with almond ears and liquorice whiskers and tails. Then "Farmer Mike" from Whittamore's Berry Farm told us about strawberry production, including the trials and tribulations. Finally there were door prizes and I came away with a punnet of strawberries. After leaving there I went to pick up the grandkids for "Dancing in the Park" but came away with only James as Natalie had a crisis and decided to stay home. James and I had a nice time together regardless, he danced three dances, and I got him home tired but happy by 8:45.

Wednesday: an at-home day as I was quite bushed after all the activity the day before. I got some chores done and a bit of gardening and had a couple of dips in the pool.

Thursday: Probus meeting in the morning (the speaker was from the Toronto Environmental Agency encouraging us to recycle) then straight to Bridge at the Senior's Centre. My partner was Sami and we had several heated discussions over my bidding. However, I played two hands and won them both handily so was quite pleased with myself.

Friday: tennis again and I was in charge of the board. It wasn't very busy and I got to play a couple of sets. Stopped at Panera Bread for my lunch as I had a coupon. It was a delicious but spicy Thai Chicken salad which did me two meals.

Today: usual Saturday chores and then watched the tennis from London and Germany. I am so pleased to get the tennis channel finally! Dinner tonight is grilled rainbow trout, quinoa and Kale from the garden which I will steam and add garlic and lemon. Still have some strawberries left so that will be dessert. Phew!!

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