Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Visit to the Dump

   We are not done with the rain yet and it continues to be unseasonably cool, only 17C today. I got to tennis around 9:15 and played a couple of sets. But I was just about to go on for a third set when the rain came down. It was quickly obvious that that was it for today so we all headed home. At least the grass is nice and green. The downside, however, is that it constantly needs cutting and the weeds are growing like crazy. Now I know what it's like in the UK where they have abundant rainy days! Luckily I had cut the back grass yesterday (and trimmed the edges) but will have to wait until tomorrow  to cut the rest.

   I have 5 books "in transit" at the library and one arrived today. So, since I am almost out of reading material, I hopped over to pick it up. Now I am all set for the next few days. I also got rid of my old back door which has been sitting at the kerb for almost a month. with no pickup. I managed to haul it into the back of my car and dropped it off at the local dump for which I was charged $10. The smell of the place is still lingering in my nostrils. It was pretty disgusting. At least the guys there took the door out of my car for me!

   More tennis from Wimbledon again today but one of the Canadians is out, losing in 2 sets to a qualifier, how ignominious as she was seeded 12th!

   I will warm up some leftover chicken with the kale casserole from a couple of days ago and cook a potato for dinner tonight. I haven't bought any green vegetables in ages as I have an abundance of lettuce and kale in the garden. But I did pick up a couple of red peppers and two avocado yesterday just for a change of flavours. I roasted one red pepper for my lunch sandwich, which I like to have in a croissant with cheese, toasted.


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