Wednesday, 10 June 2015

In The Garden

   The garden is looking lovely at the moment with all the rain we have had recently. Long may it last! The peonies are just about to bloom and the wigelia bushes are full of deep red flowers. No flowers on my eggplant and red pepper plants yet but the tomatoes are coming on well. One sad note: my climbing rose, which I thought was recovering from the winter die off, is not producing any flowers - and it seems to have extra leaves, 7 instead of 5, on each shoot. I think it has "gone wild". So disappointing!

   Hot enough for a dip in the pool after gardening today. It's barely 70C but very refreshing when I get too sweaty. Keeping ahead of the weeds is hot work!

   Last exercise class today, so the last coffee chat with the ladies at the Senior's Centre. But I will still see them as it is my turn to man the coffee counter on Wednesdays while Maria is at her cottage for the summer. It's an easy job and probably will be quite quiet there as some of the classes don't run during the summer months. But at least it is air-conditioned.

   Natalie and I had fun at Dancing in the Park yesterday, only it was "Dancing in the Church". Although it was a nice evening the weather forecast called for thunderstorms so, rather than take a chance of a soaking, it was transferred indoors. Natalie did three dances, her favourite was The Dashing White Sergeant. I did a couple more as she was quite happy to sit and watch. Next week James will come with us. He was very upset that he didn't get to come this week, but it was for the best as it happened. He would have been hard to entertain at the church.

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