Saturday, 13 June 2015

House For Sale (not mine)

   As well as my usual Saturday chores (laundry, grocery shopping) this afternoon I cleaned the pool and cut the back grass. This was sweat inducing work so I was in the pool for a cooling swim after both jobs and a well deserved nap to boot! Tomorrow I will have to cut the front grass as it is getting long too. I had lunch outside after my first swim and sat in the sun for quite a while to dry off. It was  very pleasant, one of the nicest days we've had so far.

   Early this evening I dropped in at an open house on my street to check out the asking price - $979,000! They may well get it as the house was immaculate and beautifully staged. However, another neighbour with a slightly smaller bungalow has their house listed for $589,000. Why the huge discrepancy, I wonder? One is probably over-priced and the other under-priced. It will be interesting to see what they actually go for.

    Fish, peas and sweet potato mash for dinner tonight and maybe just some yogurt for dessert. I boil the sweet potato cubes then mash them with a little butter and some sour cream and a dash of nutmeg, my secret ingredient! The fish is fried with a light batter - just a dusting of flour then dipped in egg. I bought a couple of humungous lemons today - they were priced individually, not by weight so I picked out the biggest I could find - so everything will get a spritz of lemon juice.

     Then Miss Marples on PBS; that should keep me entertained until bedtime.

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