Friday, 12 June 2015

Rain Again

   Friday is my usual day for tennis but, this morning, the sky was black and rain threatening, so I was undecided. Just before I left home the rain started but I had a backup plan. Gentle Fit is on Fridays at 9:00 so I headed over to the Senior's Centre. Unfortunately, the instructor had cancelled the class as she was going out of town and hadn't been able to find a substitute.

    By the time I got back on the road it was almost dry so I decided to  head down to the courts at Don Mills. As luck would have it, the rain hadn't arrived there so we were able to play on dry courts. There weren't too many people (14) there but enough for three good sets which was more than enough for me. Coffee was on tap and Nancy-Jean had brought some home baked cookies, so I was well satisfied.

    I was home by 12:00 and got some celery soup cooking for lunch. Then a lazy afternoon and some work on the computer (typing up the minutes from yesterday's meeting). More rain this afternoon - in fact quite a deluge - so no chance of any garden work. It should be dry over the weekend which is just as well as the grass needs cutting again! At least I won't have to fill up the pool for a while.

   Fish for dinner tonight. I think I will bread and fry it and serve it with French fries, baked in the toaster oven, and peas. I have a good book on the go, "The Lavender Garden" by Lucinda Riley. What's not to like about retirement!

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