Friday, 5 June 2015

Not More Rain!!

     Just had a read of a couple of blogs I follow - I sometimes need to be inspired by other people's efforts, to finally get around to writing mine. One I follow, an English woman who is making a new life for herself in Bulgaria, writes faithfully every day. In fact if she misses a day panic sets in with all her followers. I'm not nearly as conscientious so no one worries if I miss a day or two.

    I was thwarted in my garden clean-up this afternoon by a thunder storm. I was half way through cutting the back grass when the heavens opened and I had to rush to put away the lawnmower and my book which I had left on the sun lounger. It stopped later and I went out to finish but no sooner had the machine out again when the rain (and thunder) returned. Now I will have to wait until the grass is dry enough to cut by which time it will have probably grown another few inches. Grrr!!

    First stop this morning was to drop off a box of books at Variety Village. It's (sort of) on my way to Don Mills TC - just a slight detour. The books were leftover from the book sale table at the RWTO lunches and I am glad to see them go. They had been well and truly picked over. I also took a few over to the Senior's Centre as they sell them for a quarter to raise funds for the special days and lunches.

   There was a bit of rain on my way to tennis but it had stopped by the time I got to the club and the courts were dry. It got quite hot and humid by 10:00 so many people departed early. I hung on until just after 11:00 then went home to watch the tennis from Roland Garros in Paris. It was the Men's semi-finals but the last one had to stop after the third set because of darkness. I will be up early to watch the Ladies final tomorrow morning, Serena Williams against Lucie Safarova. Should be a tight match.

   I am making Mac 'n Cheese from a box for dinner tonight but will add extra cheese, peas and mashed sweet potato. I also plan to make a rhubarb crumble as the rhubarb is growing like gangbusters with all the rain we have had recently. Soon I will have to start picking the lettuce and kale as they are also growing with abandon. So I will be hunting for kale recipes. It's my first time growing it and it is already producing lots of leaves. No flowers on the red peppers or eggplant yet but I did find one small tomato starting to form. Good times ahead in the vegetable garden!

Kale ready to harvest.
Lettuce and basil coming along.



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