Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Last Night of Dancing

    Just a quick note as it is really late (for me) but it has been an eventful day so I thought I had better get it recorded.

   Thunder and lightning all through the night and torrential rain so I slept late. But one good side, the pool is filled again, saving my water bill! Despite the rain and soggy conditions, I left for tennis just slightly later than usual and found the traffic much lighter. The courts were dry thanks to a strong wind and sunny skies. It was tricky playing and terribly humid but I managed three sets and stayed until 11:15.

    I had a light lunch as I was due at Sheila's at 1:30 and she always feeds us. It was the Scarborough Dancers annual committee meeting where I have to produce the financial statement for the year. We had rather a large loss over the past year but it was accepted and approved. Some of our big expenses were one of - they won't occur again or at least not for another 10 years. So we have some time to build up our bank balance. We had quite an increase in members so that should help, if they continue to attend.

   Left there at 3:00 to pick up the grandkids for their last visit to "Dancing in the Park". We had fun fixing dinner together and preparing stewed rhubarb for dessert. iI went down really well. Then off to the park where they both did several dances with help from assorted other dancers. Home here by 8:15 and Judy was there to take them back to Markham. I wouldn't be surprised if James nodded off on the way home!

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