Monday, 29 June 2015

A Visit to the Doctor.

   I spent most of today watching tennis from Wimbledon. One of the Canadians is through to the second round, the others play tomorrow.

   I had to get some antibiotics from the doctor today as I have been bothered with an earache for a few days. Hope they start to work soon. It's "swimmer's ear" but I can't believe that swimming caused it as I practically never put my head under water. While I was at the doctor I asked him about my sore hip and he sent me for an X-ray. It would be nice to know the cause. Luckily it doesn't bother me on the tennis courts, just when I go on a long it's probably due to the repetitive motion. It was a nuisance when I was in Portugal as walking was my main way of getting around.

    I made a loaf in the bread machine this afternoon and had a slice with a chicken salad I put together. It had lettuce from the garden, half a pear, half an avocado, some red pepper and a few slices of cucumber. I made a tasty dressing and jazzed it up with a dab of spicy artichoke and asiago dip I had in the fridge. I cooked the chicken in the oil from a jar of sun-dried tomatoes. Very tasty!

    No dessert tonight but later on I may have a scone or a slice of rhubarb bread with tea.

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