Saturday, 1 July 2017

Confederation Day

   Today, here in Canada, we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Normally July 1st. is just Canada Day but this is a special one. There are tons of special events today - at my tennis club we had a BBQ with two large cakes in the shape of the Canadian flag - and tonight there will be lots of firework displays. I plan to stay home and watch it on TV. I'm not a big fan of crowds plus the weather is a bit iffy.

   It was extremely hot and humid at tennis and I only played two sets. Gayle and I won the first set, and Cathy and I won the second. But that was it for me! After lunch I headed home for a swim (8 laps today, but they are pretty short), a nap and a bit of gardening. It rained lightly for a few minutes but not enough to freshen the plants.

   After the big lunch, sausage in buns, Greek salad and potato salad, I just needed a light dinner so had a bowl of soup and salmon croquettes. I made my own tartar sauce and, along with a slice of lemon, that was enough.

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  1. Good for you with your laps. We haven't even been in our pool yet. With so much rain, husband has had to drain some water out a couple of times and readjust the salt. -Jenn