Wednesday, 5 July 2017

A Close Call

   I hate it when I do something stupid but it almost happened again today. Here`s the story:

   Last Thursday I took my Prius into the dealership for an oil change. This is not a big job but they managed to find enough things wrong with the car (OK, I hadn`t taken it in for a service since last fall and it is 10 years old) for me to end up with a humungous bill - about 10 times what I had expected.

   I reasonably expected that it would now be in tip top shape. However, on Saturday, an excessively hot day, I turned on the air conditioner only to be blasted with hot air. How had they not noticed the AC was on the blink!

   I tried it again on Monday and it was still not working so yesterday I made an appointment to have it fixed. On the way over there this morning I decided to give it one last try and only then realized that the thermostat had been turned up to over 30C which was why it was heating the car instead of cooling it! Lo and behold when I turned it down to a more appropriate number, cool air flowed out.

    My only assumption is that the guys who worked on it on Thursday turned it up to test it and forgot to turn it down. So it wasn`t really my fault but I would have felt very foolish if I had made a huge fuss at the dealership only to have them fix it in seconds. So I dodged a bullet there.

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