Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Last of Wimbledon

    I managed a decent night's sleep and was up just before 8:00. A quick breakfast, tidied the kitchen, then settled in to watch the tennis. Another rather one-sided match but with some good rallies. The result was never in doubt as Roger played his usual brilliant game. At least it went to three sets (out of 5).

    A busy afternoon. After a short nap I vacuumed the pool (in between showers) came in to read for a while, than back out to dig up a border overgrown with violets. They are lovely when in flower but do tend to spread. That was backbreaking work so when I was happy with the final result I retired to the couch to read. Now it is raining again which will clean up the mess I made on the deck next to the border.

   Broiled salmon and green beans for dinner followed with some good shows on TV. I have a fairly quiet week ahead so should get my book finished.

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