Thursday, 13 July 2017

Three Days of Catch Up

   Finally able to post! I need a new blog spot - this one was unavailable for the last two days so now I have some catching up to do, not to mention still not able to post photos.

   Tuesday was a lovely day, tennis in the morning and the grandkids came over for lunch and a swim. In the evening I went to the Aviva Centre for the Rogers Cup Orientation meeting. Sandy supplied dinner - chicken souvlaki, rice and roasted veggies. Wednesday was also nice but a bit cooler and some rain in the afternoon. My usual day at the Senior`s Centre. First I watched the men`s quarter finals at Wimbledon - all the big four are out except Roger Federer, including the Canadian!

   Today was quite cool, started at 21C but dropped to mid-teens by the afternoon, intermittent rain for most of the day. Susan came over in the morning to pick up her package from the orientation meeting and stayed for coffee and to watch the ladies semi-final match with me. Then in the afternoon I had to present the financial report at the annual meeting of my Scarborough dance group - only three of us there so it was quite casual - no pressure!

   Hope the weather tomorrow is nicer. It has been an unusual summer but at least we have been able to keep the hydro costs low with no need to use the air conditioner. Picked the first batch of raspberries today and there are still lots to come. I will eat most of them but freeze some for jam later.


  1. Ohhhh raspberries! Are these your own, or did you go somewhere to pick them? -Jenn

  2. I have a small raspberry bed in my garden - some years the crop is better than others, plus the birds get quite a few! I had another small bowl tonight.