Sunday, 2 July 2017

Ants In My Pants!

   It started out nice and sunny - and not nearly as humid - but it is looking quite black again so we may be in for some more rain. The temperature has dropped 5 degrees in the last hour which is rather ominous!

    The tennis courts were busy this morning and we had to resort to the "timing" system, to many players disgust but otherwise they do tend to hog the courts. We had a ladies foursome for our first stint - Betty and I were in the lead when we had to give up the court, then got back on with a different foursome when Cathy and I were ignominiously defeated 6-0 by Kathy and Tamara! I was exhausted by then and barely staggered home.

   I went out later in the afternoon to work in the garden, but I was defeated by a swarm of tiny ants which were crawling all over me and biting me. I went to another part of the garden to pull weeds but quickly lost interest as I was scratching from the ant bites. It was nice enough to sit reading in the shade - more my style!



  1. Biting ants really move, don't they? Hope you didn't get bitten too badly. -Jenn

  2. They were nasty little critters but very localized so I just had to move out of their territory.