Friday, 7 July 2017

Air Con is On!

   I couldn`t get on to my new post page yesterday so I will catch up today.

    I left home at 8:45 yesterday and wasn`t home until 3:15 - fitness class started yesterday, a run to the garden centre, then three hours in the kitchen. At least it was busier so I wasn`t bored. I had an interesting dinner. I cooked some chicken drumsticks in salsa (without the skin), chopped up the meat and had it in a pita (with more salsa) with veggies and lots of cheese. It was a bit messy to eat but quite yummy.

   Today I was out early to the tennis courts but I didn`t play as my wrist is still sore. It was heating up quite a bit but was overcast so not unbearable. I came up with a new system to make sure people weren`t sitting around too long. It helped that there wasn`t a big crowd! We will try it again next week.

   I spent the whole afternoon watching Andy Murray and Fabio Fognini battling it out on Centre Court at Wimbledon. Murray won although he wasn`t at his best and Fognini was on fire! Andy was lucky to pull out the win.

   More chicken tonight with Brussel sprouts but first an hour in the garden. I am gradually making a dent in the weeds. The air conditioner has just come on so it must still be hot out.

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