Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Regensburg, Germany

   Another overcast day but still mild and no rain. The pool guy was in bright and early to balance the chemicals and do a backwash. He left a note to fill the pool a bit so the hose was on for a couple of hours. I haven't had to use much water this summer with all the rain we've had.

   Usual day at the Seniors centre and home by 3:00 p.m. I filled another bin with weeds and tidied up a border on the north side of the house. My north neighbour has really let that area of his garden go to seed so I think the weeds are blowing over from his property. I hope I will shame him into doing something about it. 
   I have been overdosing on "Game of Thrones" this week. It's season six and I finally got it from the library last Friday. I will watch the final episode tonight. It's very brutal but the villain was eaten by his dogs in last night's episode so things may be working out for the good guys!

   Our next stop on the cruise was Regensburg, walking tour of the town, visited the cathedral to hear the choir - wonderful organ music - and visited the Thrum and Taxis museum, an example of Baroque splendour. The boat departed at 12:45 and shortly after we left the Danube and entered the Main canal which links with the Main River and then on to the Rhine. In the evening we crossed the Continental Divide so now all the locks would be lowering us as we proceeded towards the North Sea. The sun deck remained closed for the next few days as the bridges on the canal are all very low. Don't want to lose out heads!

Another cathedral!

Entrance to the museum - the Thrum and Taxis family (fabulously wealthy) still live there.

We couldn't go under this bridge - the captain had to back up the way he had come to reach the canal.

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