Thursday, 27 July 2017

Murphy's Law

   I'm not sure if this qualifies as Murphy's Law but you be the judge. Yesterday the pool guy left me a note to add 2 inches of water to the pool (we use the metric system here, believe it or not!). So I dutifully did so. This morning we had a couple of hours of really heavy rain which added another two inches to the pool so now it is up to the brim. I could have saved myself the money and the bother if I had been a bit lazy and just waited until today. Luckily water here is not very expensive - we have so much of it.

   Lunch with the RODEO ladies today at Bluffer's Restaurant down by the lake. I had a seafood quiche with a Caesar salad - all very delicious. Still stuffed so just soup and a sandwich for dinner tonight.

   Next stop on the cruise was Nuremberg - a bus tour that included stops at the Justice Court House (where the Nuremberg trials were held) and the castle, which we only viewed from the outside - rather underwhelming. We had the option to return in the afternoon but I declined - and avoided a soaking as there was heavy rain. That evening my quiz team shared a bottle of "bubbly", our prize for winning the quiz the other night!
The courtyard of the castle - didn't realize the crane was in my view!
The view of the town from the castle ramparts.

The rooms in the Court House where the trials were held.

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