Sunday, 23 July 2017

Vienna, Austria

   It has been overcast all day today, but quite warm - mid 20's. Two sets of tennis this morning and my wrist is much improved, almost back to normal. Kathy and I won the first set 6-2 but Cathy and Henry were up 4-3 when we had to vacate the court. I'd had enough anyway and was glad to stop.

   A rain shower later but not much so I was able to cut the rest of the grass this afternoon. The garden is looking very tidy, finally. I have some lamb chops marinating for dinner. It's ages since I had lamb - probably Easter -  but I will have to make my own mint sauce.

   Our next stop on the cruise was Vienna and we needed a bus to take us to the city centre. It was extremely hot again and although I enjoyed the walking tour, I was quite glad to get back to the boat. In the evening we had a demonstration and dance lesson of the Viennese Waltz which was fun. I got to dance with the instructor who really had me floating on air. 

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