Friday, 30 June 2017

Finally Summer!

   Although it started out rainy, the day improved immensely and we had a sunny, warm afternoon, up to 27C. The grandkids were over for the morning (they are on summer vacation but Judy had to attend a meeting) and James got into the pool up to his waist - I had bet him a quarter he couldn't, it was only 72F, but he did it!

    After they went home I did some gardening and then had a dip myself. It was very refreshing. and not nearly as chilly as I expected. I only did four lengths but it's early days yet. I will soon work up to more. I sat out in the sun to dry off for nearly an hour and finished my current library book. It was one I had read before, "The Fruit of the Lemon" by Andrea Levy, but an easy enjoyable read for a summer afternoon. Next book will be more of a struggle - a rather dark mystery which has been on the best seller list for several weeks - but I will persevere with it. It's called "Into the Water" and is by Paula Hawkins who wrote "The Girl On the Train" which I thoroughly enjoyed.

   I picked some rhubarb yesterday and made a rhubarb loaf this afternoon. It turned out very well - nice and moist and not too sweet - I kept a slice to have with my tea tonight but sliced the rest and put it in the freezer for next time I need a treat. I also stewed some rhubarb to have with ice cream for dessert tonight.  Yum!!

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