Sunday 18 June 2017

Hot and Humid

  I am having a hard time writing my blog recently. By the time I have read all the other blogs I follow I have lost any interest in recording my thoughts, although sometimes one of them will provide inspiration. So today I am writing it first before I get to the others.

   I have been working like blazes for the last couple of days to tidy up the back yard ready for the pool guys tomorrow. Everywhere was very overgrown since I was away, and encroaching on the pool deck. Reminder to self - don`t take a vacation in Spring - too much to do in the garden!

   Today started off overcast and, after a few chores and despite a rather dark sky, I headed to the tennis courts. I was almost there when the heavens opened and I had to scurry home in a heavy downpour. That was it for tennis today! I made soup for lunch and a loaf in the bread machine. The rest of the day has been in the garden and it is looking considerably better.

   Leftovers for dinner tonight - mandarin chicken and a salad with the rest of the can of mandarin oranges with cream for dessert. Then just a quiet night in front of the TV.


  1. It really is a busy time of year, and with the heat and all the rain, plants are exploding with growth. What are the pool guys doing? Husband has been doing pool chores on and off for about a week! -Jenn

  2. They took the cover off today and dumped in a bunch of chemicals (the water was very green!) Now I have the hose running to fill it up and they will come back in a couple of days to get the pump, filter and heater running. I do very little myself (vacuum every other week). I have them drop in once a week to check the chemical levels as I have had some nasty experiences with algae!