Monday, 26 June 2017

Not Like June At All

   We have had very unsettled weather for the last few days - thunderstorms and lots of rain with cooler than normal temperatures, low 20's. I think today's high was just 19C. I did manage some tennis yesterday morning (Susan and I beat Cathy and Iona) but two thunderstorms rolled through in the afternoon. Later I went out to Steve and Alison's for a BBQ but it was a rather cool, soggy affair. We finally retired indoors to complete the meal.

   Today was more of the same but luckily I was busy with indoors activities. An appointment at the lab for tests first thing, Hava Java at Calabria Bakery (met some new acquaintances) then Bridge with my usual group at noon. I only had one good hand and my partner had the same. Now the sun is trying to come out so that may dry things up a bit.

   I did manage to get the grass cut yesterday before the rain with a jerry rigged extension system (not recommended!) but Steve has fixed the damaged extension chord so I will be able to use it safely in the future.  

   I got the bill for the pool startup today and it was considerably more than I expected. Seemingly there were replacement parts for both the circulation system and the heater, plus all the chemicals required for the summer. It came to close to $1000 but I had already paid a deposit of $400 which was deducted. Still, a big chunk out of this month's budget! It had better warm up soon so I can get some use out of it.

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