Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Getting Caught Up on Chores

   A mixture of sunny periods and thunderstorms on Tuesday but a better day today although still in the low 20's. At least it has been dry and given the garden a chance to dry out.

   Yesterday Hendrina and I were in charge at the tennis courts but managed some tennis in between stints on the board. Unfortunately my wrist is bothering me - I gave it a twist on Sunday and it is still hampering my game. I won't play again until Saturday to give it a chance to heal. Lunch with Alison and Louise at Waterfront Restaurant. This time I had the crab cakes! Louise goes back to Victoria on Monday and it was nice to catch up with her.

   Today I spent a while working in the garden in the morning, digging up some overgrown mint - it was beginning to take over my vegetable patch! Now I have room for a few more plants, if I can find them. My usual garden centre had very little left (except hot peppers) so I will have to try elsewhere. I'd like to get some more kale, a couple of sweet pepper plants and maybe radishes.

   At the senior's centre by noon - it was very quiet  and I only sold a couple of pies and half a dozen cups of coffee - then over to the community centre for the RTO book club. This my last time with the current group as I am going over to the new Thursday group in September as that day suits me better. There will be 24 in the original group and 14 in the new group. The club continues to grow. I cleaned the inside of the car when I got home as it is going in for an oil change tomorrow. It was embarrassingly grubby from the messy winter!


  1. Ahhh, mint. Lovely to smell, a pain in the neck in the garden. How true that there aren't many vegetable plants left in garden centres, or the ones that are there look terrible. Maybe you could plant a few seeds? -Jenn

  2. I think it's probably too late to start from seeds. I plan to keep looking.