Friday 16 June 2017

Rising Temperatures.

   Very hot today, up in the 30's, but the house has stayed quite cool - only 21C downstairs although the bedrooms are hotter. The air conditioning didn't come on (I have it set to 24C) and if I open the windows overnight I might be able to get it down to the 'teens.

    I was "on the desk" at tennis today and was quite happy to stay in the shade while setting up the matches. I did play a couple of sets once my shift was over but that was enough. I drank a whole flask of water on the drive home. Must keep hydrated.

   I worked in the garden (mostly in the shade) this afternoon and needed a shower when I was done. I would have loved a swim but the pool guys won't be here until Monday to open the pool. Even then it will be a couple of days until the pool is filled and the chemicals are balanced - so end of next week probably.

   I took a chicken breast out of the freezer today but it wasn't defrosted by dinner time so, back in the fridge for tomorrow. Instead I had quite a delicious salad, just a mix of things I had in the fridge and cupboard plus a sardine. I toasted some walnuts and added a dried apricot, a sun dried tomato and a handful of dried cranberries. It was quite filling. Some nice cold ice cream for dessert!

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  1. ice cream sounds great! Hot everywhere right now, it seems, and pretty early for it!