Friday, 23 June 2017

One Careless Moment

     A huge thunderstorm last night and heavy rain which continued through the morning. It abated enough at one point for me to decide to walk up to the library but it soon started up again and I got a bit of a soaking. Not cold though, just damp! That was my exercise for the day.

    The only other excitement today came when I was trimming some of the evergreens in front of the porch later in the afternoon. I inadvertently cut through the extension cord powering the trimmer - I've done that before and am usually very careful to keep the cord out of the way of the blades. However, that wasn't the worst part - I found I had blown a fuse and the power to the garage was gone. I tried to find the blown fuse on the electrical panel to no avail. Now what to do?

    I gave Steve a call and he agreed to come over. Luckily he lives fairly close by and was there within half-an-hour. He was able to locate the blown fuse with a gadget he uses at work and it was replaced lickety split. Now I just have to buy a new extension cord so I can finish the trimming and cut the grass. You can be sure I will be extra careful this time!


  1. had me worried! Glad that that is all it was!

  2. So much rain! That was a bit of a "woops" moment, wasn't it? Glad it was dealt with in good time. -Jenn

  3. All's well that ends well, I'm glad to say. It's handy having a fairly competent son to call on!