Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Techno Scare

   I had a very strange message on my computer yesterday, purportedly from Microsoft, telling me to phone them as my computer was in the process of being hacked! Also warning me of a complete shutdown if I didn't comply. Seemed a bit fishy to me so I closed all the programs and turned everything off as a precaution. It all seems fine today and nothing seems to be missing, thank goodness!

   That's by way of explaining why no blog yesterday. Today I will try to catch up. Yesterday I had a quiet morning watching the guys get the pool open. I walked over for Bridge around noon and had fun catching up on all the news with the Bridge ladies. Then home for the evening.

   It has been considerably cooler today with intermittent rain. We got in a bit of tennis in between showers before the final cloud burst around 10:30 a.m. We had all gone early due to the threatening skies. Once the courts were too wet to play we sat around chatting and drinking coffee (there was lots of that!) William found a tennis match on TV so I stayed to watch the first set then went home. It has been a great afternoon for gardening so I gave it a go for an hour or two. Now my bins are full of weeds and overgrown bushes and will be picked up tomorrow. Still lots to do so I will start filling them again right away.

   The pool is filled and the guys will come tomorrow to start up the system. So far so good - it is looking almost ready for a swim but still a little chilly for me! Fish in a curry sauce with peas for dinner tonight. I am having some veggies and dip for my pre-prandial snack so, all in all, a balanced meal!

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