Tuesday 21 February 2017

Too Much To Do

   Horribly busy day - just like being back at work - and I am completely washed out despite having a nap this afternoon. Here's how it went.

   I had an early start for the RWTO meeting this morning. I needed to get to "The Estates" by 9:00 a.m. to get the name tags set out and the books trolleyed in from the car (two trips) before the meeting started at 9:30. I had help with the name tags but, unfortunately, it took longer to explain what to do than if I had just done it myself! What complicated it was the number of guests and the people who hadn't sent in their cheques and were to pay at the door.

   The meeting was rather long and dragged out but we did get done a bit before lunch. Lunch was delicious - I got an extra serving of salad which was followed by a very tender roast beef and perfectly cooked veggies. I left some of the mashed potatoes but just had to eat the bun with the salad, it was so great for sopping up the dressing!

   By 2:30 the speaker was done and I had to pack everything up and cart it back to the car. That was the final straw as it was beginning to rain. The rain was pretty heavy on the drive home but that should get rid of the last of the snow and clean things up. I did see a couple of sprouts in my vegetable patch after the weekend's sun and warmth - probably the garlic - but I don't think the grass will need cutting any time soon!

   Just a light meal tonight. I think it will be a BLT but with roasted red pepper instead of tomato which taste awful in the winter so I never buy them, but I also have a hard boiled egg which will give me some protein. Early to bed tonight, methinks!

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