Thursday 23 February 2017

Still Nice Weather

   Another beautiful day, sunny, warm (15C) and the snow is gone! After I got home from Bridge I sat outside for a while, catching some rays.

    I had great cards at Bridge today, even made some contracts and only made one major blooper (plus a couple of small ones), but came away quite satisfied with my play for once. There's a bit more pressure playing with the Thursday group as they are much more serious than my Monday friends. I also had fun at Mah-jong although I didn't manage to win any games - came close a couple of times - I need to be faster at picking up discarded tiles.

    I had tennis scheduled for this morning but it was cancelled as the court was closed for repairs. Just as well as I woke up with a rather painful hip which made walking tricky. I certainly wouldn't have been able to run around the tennis court! I hope it is better before tomorrow's fitness class.

   Last of the chicken for dinner tonight, I will have it with some corn, then a minneola for dessert. That should keep me until tomorrow.

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