Friday 17 February 2017


   I have been very lax with my blog posts this week - my only excuse, I have been out most evenings. Today's weather had a hint of Spring to it but we are still under a foot of snow so nothing is growing yet. The temperature is forecast to be all positive for the weekend which should help with the snow melt.

   Yesterday evening I was out "ushering" at Markham Theatre for a production of "Arsenic and Old Lace" - quite hilarious, I had never seen it before and it was very well done. The ushering duties were very light and I was able to watch the whole thing. A quieter day today - just Fitness class in the morning, a visit to the bank to make a deposit (I do most of my banking online) and a walk while the sun was shining.

   The afternoon was taken up with organizing the name tags for next week's RWTO lunch. Susan read me the names over the phone (about 96) which saved me making a trip to her house and I had the tags done by 4:30, all set for next Tuesday.

   I defrosted a piece of fish and some frozen spinach today which were transformed into a spinach dip which I served with naan and red pepper slices for dipping, and a delicious baked fish dish. I also roasted the rest of the red peppers before they got too soft and will use them in sandwiches next week.

   That's about it for another day!

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  1. That dip sounds tempting! Ushering sounds like a good gig - you get to enjoy the shows as well! -Jenn