Sunday, 29 January 2017

What I Ate Today

   A nice, easy day today - no rushing around, just a bit of kitchen clean-up and some ironing then a quick run to the store for fresh croissants where I also got some lemon ginger tea. Can`t wait to try it!

    Lighter on the food today - breakfast was a cheese and mushroom omelet, orange juice, toast and coffee. Later in the morning I put on a pot of vegetable soup for lunch. It had lots of chopped veggies (carrot, onion, potato and cabbage) and chicken stock, which I blended when cooked - no salt added! I ate that with a slice of cheese and a couple pf crackers. There will be enough to last me for lunches all week.

    During the afternoon I roasted a red pepper (they were really cheap this week) for my croissant lunches. I also used up a tub of sour cream (low fat, of course) to make an onion and chive dip which I had with celery and red pepper sticks and half a naan bread. Then dinner was a piece of salmon which I flavoured with honey and lemon - really tasty - with which I had corn and peas. No dessert but I might have a clementine later. I still have some chocolates left for a secret indulgence before bed!

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