Thursday, 12 January 2017

A Meal Out

     RTO meeting this morning so I had an early start. It was decidedly mild - more like a typical Scottish winter day although they are having significantly colder weather there this week. I arrived just shortly before 9:00 and was relieved to see coffee and muffins were already there! Later fruit arrived, making it well worth while to get there early.

   The meeting was over by 11:15 with only one contentious issue requiring a lengthy discussion. I had one errand to run immediately after, then met up with Donna and Bonnie for lunch at Remeggio's. Bonnie had minestrone soup and Caesar salad, Donna had the sole and I had delicious, crispy crab cakes with Caesar salad. Then we sat around with our coffees setting the world to rights before heading home.

    I picked up a package at the post office on my way - it was my new passport which I am relieved arrived safely. It was extremely easy to renew it by mail and, as I got the 10 year version, I probably won't ever have to renew it again.

   No need for dinner tonight - just a bowl of soup and some crackers and cheese - but I may have tea and a cookie just before I retire!

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