Tuesday, 3 January 2017


    It was 4C, foggy and raining when I got up this morning and it stayed that way all day. It will cool off overnight with a strong wind so hopefully it won't be an icy start to the morning. I don't have anywhere I have to be until the evening so will just hunker down at home until the roads are safe to drive.

   Tennis this morning and I managed three sets and was on the winning side for two. But now I am quite stiff and sore so may have overdone it. I resolve to pace myself better next time.

   I went to a movie in the afternoon, "La La Land", very good, great music and dancing. I would highly recommend it. A much better experience than last week but still very busy as the schools are still out. The movie theater was almost full but I went a bit early and got a good seat. People were still streaming in even after the movie started. Now it's just an evening in front of the TV.



  1. Foggy and drizzly here, too. (If you are in T.O., I'm about three hours away from you). A good day to stay in and hibernate. -Jenn

  2. Yes, I`m in TO but I think you probably get more snow than we do.