Friday, 6 January 2017

An Indoor Day

   A very cold start to the day (-12C) and it didn't warm up much in spite of the sun shining. It's going to be colder again overnight (still no snow) but not quite as cold tomorrow. I didn't venture out, other than a trip to the composter, just kept myself busy indoors. A bit more painting, finished my jigsaw puzzle and got on with my current book. There's a book waiting for me at the library but I won't pick it up until later in the week. The gas fire's on and the family room is nice and cozy.

    I made soup for lunch today and there's a piece of salmon for dinner. I am cooking up some turnip although I don't think it's a perfect match for salmon, but there will be peas as well. Tomorrow I will weigh myself and see if I have lost any of the three pounds I put on over the holiday season.

So very cheery!

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