Friday 20 January 2017

This and That

   Not too many of the blogs I follow had an entry today but Elsa in Bulgaria can be relied on to always write something - and often with several photos. She`s snowed under at the moment.

   Meanwhile, in Canuck land we have mostly green grass and mild temperatures - it was 4C for most of today. Fitness class this morning, chatting with my friends and then a few items to pick up at the grocery store. I also had to pick up some disposable plates at the dollar store for Monday`s Burns Night supper. I  think we are all set as I dug up napkins and plastic knives and forks from my supply here at home. I will pick up the haggis tomorrow on the way to our next demo. All I have to do is make mashed tatties (potatoes) on Monday. Someone else will be bringing the `neeps (turnips).

   There was tennis from the Australian Open on TV this afternoon so that took up some time.  I watched the Trump inauguration as well but not for long. I also got started on typing up the Minutes from the last RTO meeting but will finish that on Sunday. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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