Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Change in the Weather

 Tennis with Carol, Bea and Lillian this morning and I think I overdid it as I was very stiff and sore afterwards. But we did manage to win a set. I went straight from there to bridge lessons and headed straight for the coffee bar as I was gasping for a coffee. The lesson today was very interesting and we got to try out what we learned by playing several hands. I brought a sandwich for lunch and ate it between hands.

    Home for a nap but I didn't feel guilty lying in bed as it was raining quite heavily, so no possibility of working in the garden. The remaining leaves will be thoroughly soggy by tomorrow.

   I made an interesting dinner tonight - a salmon pie with broccoli and mushrooms and a mashed potato topping which I crisped in the oven. I added lots of cheese to the pie and the topping so it was very rich but delicious! There's enough left over for lunch and dinner tomorrow - and all this from one can of salmon!

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