Sunday, 8 November 2015

Tired But Happy

     The morning went in very quickly - a tennis match on TV, the finals in Paris (Djokovic beat Murray), a little ironing and then I made the Christmas plum pudding. I discovered I had only enough suet to make a small one so I hope it will be sufficient for the Christmas dinner!

    This afternoon I went to a dance class. Tony was teaching dances with unusual formations. It was quite a challenge. In fact for one I had to come home and watch it on YouTube to see how it should be done. But most of the other dances weren't too tricky. Only 15 people attended but with Tony's wife Lorraine we managed to make up two sets.

   Now it's an evening of TV in front of the fire. It has been decidedly cool today despite sunny skies.  I have some fish to cook but, in the meantime, I am quite happily ensconced with a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers. Lidia is cooking up a storm on TV so I will just sit back and enjoy!

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