Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Printer Problem Still Not Solved

    The day started out nicely, sunny but a bit on the cool side. I needed gloves when I walked over to the Senior's Centre for my stint in the coffee bar. But now it is raining and I understand it is to get quite cold overnight. We really haven't had any significant frost yet but this might be the first.

   Just the usual Wednesday activities and dinner tonight is salmon and quinoa. Stephen dropped by on his way home from work - we almost missed each other - to see if his laptop worked with my printer, which it did. So the problem is definitely the compatibility (or lack thereof) with Windows 10. Be warned! We have come to the conclusion I will have to replace the printer. So, if anyone is interested in a slightly used printer (and they haven't upgraded to Windows 10) let me know.

    I have finally managed to find a way to upload photos, thanks to Steve. Here's one I have been saving.

This was taken in June at Edwards Gardens. Natalie, James and me at :Dancing in the Park".

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