Sunday, 15 November 2015

Giving At Christmas Time

      I just came across a blog entry deploring the commercializing of Christmas. This person does not participate in Christmas in any way - no presents, Christmas tree, cards or special seasonal foods! How depressing!

    I have to admit I have cut back on my Christmas spending but I do  participate in many ways. I have already cooked my plum pudding and will send cards to people I don't see very often (just to let them know I am still alive!) Just before Christmas Day I'll get out my artificial tree and decorate it with my old ornaments although I buy a couple of new ones most years.

   We don't exchange gifts in the family but donate to our favourite charity in each person's name. I have even managed to persuade my grandkids to participate in this by having them choose from the "Gifts Of Hope" catalogue, although I do get them a small gift - a book or toy. And, of course, we still get together next month at Swiss Chalet for the Festive Special and at my house for turkey and all the fixings on Christmas Day. No "Bah Humbug" for me!

    I was out working in the garden in just a sweater today - blue skies and no wind so I was able to collect up the last of the leaves. I even sat outside reading for a while. It has been an incredible November, weather-wise, so far.

    Yesterday was a busy day - I was out by 8:10 for a Scottish Country dancing workshop and returned at 5:45 with very tired legs and sore feet. Luckily I had some leftovers for supper and then soaked in the tub for half-an-hour. After that I felt better and managed to stay up to watch my usual Saturday shows until 10:45. I certainly slept well last night. Tonight I have made chicken wings in a honey garlic glaze and they look delicious.

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