Friday, 13 November 2015

Winter is Not Far Off

   Cold and blustery today - I had my winter coat on while raking the leaves this morning. But the wind kept blowing them around so it was rather a wasted effort. I will wait for a calmer day before finishing the job.

   Fitness class this morning and I got a good workout. I didn't stay long after as I wanted to get the raking started. Then I finished the Minutes for the last RTO meeting and sent them off to Donna, very happy to see the back of them. I only hope she doesn't send them back for revisions!

   I have to take minutes again tonight at the Bridlewood Tennis Club AGM. There is likely to be some controversy as a new group is vying for the head positions. It will depend on how many people turn up - usually there is a very small turnout but that may change tonight.

   Leftover salmon and broccoli casserole tonight - hopefully the last of it. I made a minestrone soup for lunch from the tomato soup left over from cooking butter chicken last night. I don't think I will use that recipe again as, although it was a snap to prepare, it didn't taste very genuine. The soup was good though, full of pasta and vegetables.

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