Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Turkey Lunch and a Pumpkin Tart

    Much colder today but I still went out with just my jacket. I took some gloves but didn't really need them as the sun was shining. Mind you, although it was very windy, I was just running from house to car to The Estates where we had our monthly lunch.

    The meal was good - a nice salad, rather dry turkey and stuffing, saved only by the gravy, and lots of beans and carrots. Dessert was the usual ice cream and coffee. It was our Christmas lunch so there were piles of gifts for children to be donated to charity.  There were a ton of books donated for the book sale table (which I run) and we made almost $40 - that's 80 books sold! Still lots left for the next lunch.

   After the big meal I slept the afternoon away and stayed reading in bed until almost 5:00 p.m. I hope I can sleep tonight! I still wasn't hungry so just fried up a sausage and put it in a bun with lashings of mustard for dinner. I think I had enough vegetables at lunch. Nothing much on TV tonight so I may just finish the Louise Penny book I am reading. There are two books waiting for me at the library so I had better get cracking.

   Wendy brought pumpkin chiffon tarts to bridge yesterday and I still have one in the fridge so I think I will just go and indulge myself right now! They were delicious. Tomorrow I can start on a diet.

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