Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Remembrance Day

    Stretch and Strength class first thing this morning and I did feel all stretched out by the time it finished. It was a little bit rainy on the way there but not too cold. I stayed for coffee but left before the Remembrance day ceremony as I had to be back again by noon.

   It wasn't too busy this afternoon at the coffee bar so I was glad I took my book. I'm reading the latest Louise Penny book, "The Nature of the Beast" and am enjoying it - the usual characters who seem like old friends now. I walked there and back which amounted to about 40 minutes and, luckily, the rain stayed away. Hopefully that took care of a few calories.

    I seem to have been snacking all day so will wait until later to have some dinner. It's just the same leftovers I had for lunch so I'm not too excited about the thought of food. I copied down a neat recipe for easy butter chicken from which I will make tomorrow - that should liven up my taste buds! 

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