Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Is it Really Fall?

   The temperature got up to 20C today, blue skies and a warm sun. It is set to be nice for the next few days. An Indian summer. Whoopee!

   I am currently snacking on crackers topped with Applewood-smoked cheddar,  home made chutney and a glass of red wine (left over from cooking the steak and kidney pie filling on the weekend).  Very satisfying, I really won't need any dinner but I will cook a piece of fish anyway. There's some quinoa and barley casserole left over from the weekend to go with it.

   Tennis this morning - we almost played for two hours! Then home for a quick change (I was so hot I got out some summer attire) and grabbed my lunch to take over to the Senior's Centre for Bridge lessons. First stop was the coffee bar as I hadn't had any coffee yet and was desperate for a cup. We learned about "transfer bids"  - a bit complicated for me but we tried a few hands with mixed success. It's interesting to try new things!

   The fire's on despite the warmer outdoor temperature -  it's so comforting to see its glow. The house is quite warm so won't need any other heating tonight.

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