Tuesday, 24 November 2015


   I woke up to a white world  and frost on the car but, luckily, the sun was out and the windshield was clear by the time I left home. I will have to hunt for my scraper - it's somewhere in the garage. The temperature is supposed to rise into the double digits in a day or two so the snow won't hang around too long. 

   Tennis this morning - Swan, Bea and Hendrina, home from her trip to Peru and Machu Pichu.  She had lots to share with us. I started out slowly on the court but managed to come up with some good shots in the second set.

    I went straight from there to bridge class and my first coffee of the day. I was desperate for some caffeine! This was the last class of the year and we learned some new conventions. We played a few hands before quitting around 3:00 p.m.
   I have defrosted a chicken breast for dinner but have no idea how to prepare it - probably grilled with salad. That should be quite healthy. I can use my tasty flavoured olive oil.

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