Friday, 6 November 2015

End of the Indian Summer

   Well, the beautiful weather has come to an end with rain and blustery winds. The leaves were knee deep on the ground this morning and I did a bit of raking and filled up the composter. The rest will go to the curb to be picked up next Wednesday.

   Fitness class this morning, followed by coffee and chats. Home by 11:00, with a stop at the grocery store for a butternut squash - I had an urge to make soup for lunch. Got the soup on and went out to plant next year's garlic. It was still quite mild and the rain had stopped. I did a bit more garden clean-up as well as the raking but will need to cut the grass on the weekend. It is still growing! By the time I was done in the garden the soup was ready and, along with a sandwich, made a delicious lunch.

    After a half-hour nap I was still in a "clean-up" mood and tackled the dust bunnies under my bed. Since I only do this a couple of times a year, it's a big job - first a long-handled duster to get the majority of the fluff and then a wet cloth to finish the job. A lot of bending but it delivers a certain sense of accomplishment!

   Boneless chicken thighs for dinner. I will bread and roast them along with some sweet potato coins, and make a salad. Then everything will be eaten up ready for shopping tomorrow. I also have to shop for the ingredients for the Christmas Plum Pudding which needs to be made very soon, so that it can mature for a few weeks. 

   The temperature is dropping from a high of 18C, to 7C overnight. Already it is feeling colder. Goodbye Indian Summer!

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