Thursday, 26 November 2015

Lunching with the Old Dames

    I was a bit achy this morning but I'm not sure if it was the 'flu shot or just my usual aches and pains. It took me a while to get going and I was almost late for yoga class at 9:00. But I managed most of the positions even though my back was sore. I didn't stop for coffee but came straight home and had some here.

    It was RODEO (Retired Old Dames Eating Out) lunch today at Milestones. It was expensive! A glass of wine was $10! I had mango shrimp and Asian cole slaw, it was a bit spicy but not unbearable. I was first up from the table and off to indoor tennis at the Don Montgomery community centre. It was quite busy so I just played two sets before departing.

   Next stop was the pool for a few laps and a soak in the hot tub to ease my sore back. It's feeling much better now.

    I have some pizza dough proofing in the bread machine and will make a pizza soon. I have lots of toppings to use up and will load it with cheese - my favourite! The house is nice and warm tonight despite the thermostat still at the overnight setting. Outdoors it got up to 13C this afternoon. I have the fire on really just for its welcoming sight and the oven has been on  high to cook the pizza. So cozy!

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